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Heiko Thieme

Heiko Thieme

Heiko Thieme works as an investment banker for the last 25 years in New York City. With his American Heritage Management Corp. he is managing two equity funds. In the eighties he worked for Deutsche Bank on Wall Street and was responsible for the US stock market. He started his professional career in the seventies with the Scottish brokerage firm Wood & McKenzie in Edinburgh and London. He took a law degree in Germany and studied also in Scotland and the US. Heiko Thieme has been publishing for the last 25 years the only bilingual (German-English) strategy letter on Wall Street. He was writing for 17 years as a financial columnist for the FAZ in Germany and is a regular guest in radio- and television-shows. He is known as a stolid optimist and proved his persistence in 10 marathons. His philosophy is: Pessimism doesn’t pay!

Heiko Thieme, American Heritage Management Corp.





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