German Americans: A Decisive Factor in America's Success Story. German-Americans
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Theodore Huebener & GAMHOF
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Publisher: GAMHOF - German-American Hall of Fame
ISBN: 978-0615-41708-0
Published: January 2011
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German-Americans: A Decisive Factor in American History

The German-American Hall of Fame (, the virtual German-American history museum, is pleased to announce the publication of

German-Americans: A Decisive Factor in American History.

Filled with absorbing facts and beautifully illustrated, this fascinating history highlights the contributions America’s largest ethnic ancestry group has made to education, government,
the arts, philanthropy, science, agriculture, business, journalism, and many other areas that
have been of incalculable value to the growth and development of the United States.

Founded by prominent Americans of German ancestry in 2004, the German American Hall
of Fame was established to recognize and honor deserving German-Americans; to create
awareness and appreciation of the huge impact German-Americans played in the evolution
of the United States; and to present a positive, progressive, and accurate image of
Americans of German ancestry. Inductees include Albert Einstein, Walter Cronkite, Dwight
D. Eisenhower, Levi Strauss, and Babe Ruth.

Illustrations include rare photos and sketches, as well as maps and other graphics. Short
biographies of prominent German Americans, as well as of those whose contributions might
be lesser known, but widely used are included, along with many intriguing details about such
things as oatmeal and orange groves, battles and bridges, or kindergarten and Kant!

Originally written almost 40 years ago by Dr. Theodore Huebener (Professor at the School of Education of New York University), and published by the Literary Society Foundation Inc. of
New York with the title “Germans Helped Build America”, the German-American Hall of Fame
re-titled, expanded and updated the book in 2010, adding text, illustrations and maps.

“Currently the book is only available via the GAMHOF website,” says GAMHOF Executive
Director Ralf G. Bahr. “However we are planning to make the book available to schools,
universities, and charitable organizations for educational purposes.”  

German-Americans: A Decisive Factor in American History is $12.95. Quantity discounts
on the First Edition are available for non-profit organizations and/or anyone interested in
purchasing multiple copies of the book.

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