Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann

Historian and Author

Cincinnati Ohio


Don Heinrich Tolzmann, is the author and editor of numerous books on German-American history and culture; he has received many awards, including the Federal Service Cross from Germany and the Ohioana Book Award. He has led the movement to create an awareness of German heritage in the Americas and promoted German-American Studies and the strengthening of relations between Germany and the United States, and served as Curator of the German-Americana Collection and Director of the German-American Studies Program at the University of Cincinnati. As President of the Society for German-American Studies he called for the celebration of the German-American Tricentennial in 1983, marking the establishment of the first German settlement in America at Germantown, Pennsylvania, and in 1987 led the national campaign to establish October 6th as national German-American Day, earning him the title of “Father of German-American Day.” In 1989, he organized the first German-American Heritage Month in Cincinnati, Ohio, and since that time has actively promoted the national celebration during the month of October. He also initiated plans for the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Germans in America at Jamestown, Virginia in 2008. Dr.Tolzmann now provides expertly guided tours of traditionally German areas of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, and other locations

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