GAMHOF Site Development

Date Hrs HTD Comments
Wed 9/19/18 2 2 Create new home page layout in publisher, share PDF with Marion
Sun 11/11/18 2 4 Review and map existing content, begin Heritage in US content gathering
Fri 11/23/18 6 10 Begin coding wordpress theme, header/footer placeholders

body of inductees category with hero 500×500 portrait

advanced custom fields for meta data

category cover page with tiles

Sat 11/24/18 4 14 Begin footer content
Sat 12/1/18 4 18 Creation of news category and several posts in type
Sun 12/2/18 4 22 Photo gallery format using envira plugin

First photo gallery for gala 2012

News page right column to show photo albums

Home page: dual photos with circle overlay

Thu 12/6 0.5 22.5 success import of sql file to godaddy dev site database
Fri 12/7 0.5 23.0 screenshare call with Marion

next call to be scheduled is with Ralf Bahr

Dec 8-9 4 27 Home page added featured tiles for inductees and heritage

Programming to do random selection of posts on each page load

Fri 12/14 2.5 29.5 Added additional inductees (Seigfried/Roy, Blobel)

b/w filter on category page and sepia tone on hover

Incorporate field values for birth/death/area of achievement

Added recent news items feed to footer

Sat 12/15 5.0 34.5 1000am call with Ralf Bahr

Changed home image of Germany to Rothenberg

Used DB migrate plugin to export database, import to

Email Ralf/Marion with link to dev site

Layout cleanup on heritage: Cincinnati post

Changed to serif font Andada, per Herb Stupp recommendation for serif body

Added ‘see all posts’ buttons on home page

Sat 12/22
Sun 12/23
Mon 12/24
Tue 12/25
12.0 46.5 [Holiday weekend]
Inductees: Added Earhart, Kissinger, Freeh, Braeden, Trump

Added Zenger (research for clarification, previous GAMHOF was wrong person portrait, Rip Van Dam)

Heritage: Carl Schurz Monument page

Heritage: Milwaukee, German Athens of America

Heritage/add media: Mainstrasse Covington

Heritage: Germanic Museum at Harvard

Heritage: Oldenburg Indiana

Sat 12/29 2.0 48.5 News page: Converted photos posts list from hardcoded basis to dynamic query
2014 Gala photos now visible via query
Fine tuned CSS – black text on category cover pages, blue on hover
CSS update – color img saturate 130% on hover
heritage: oldenburg, added map
export database and sync all changes from dev site to external preview at
Sun 12/30 2.0 50.5 Added inductee pages for
Doris Day, Heinz Prechter, John Kluge, Dwight Eisenhower, Walter Chrysler, Walter Cronkite

Created: Support GAMHOF page with paypal button and sponsors logos

Created: Contact Page

Enabled all links on top nav menu

Bottom of each inductee page, added links to browse 3 random others and button for ‘all’

Mon 12/31 3.0 53.5 Added second images (large photo) for most of inductees

Created page layout for advisory board members

import text and photos for each of 14 advisory board members

update about page to show mission statement + trustees + advisory board

enabled all links in the footer section

Tue 1/1/19 2.0 55.5 Inductees (final 2): Steinbrenner, Westheimer
tagged post tiles by year to allow user to select year to filter inductees by
export database and sync all changes from dev site to external preview at