President Rossbach International

New York & Hamburg, Germany

Gerhard O.F. Rossbach

Gerhard Rossbach was born in Hamburg, Germany. After graduating from High School he received  training in international forwarding/global logistics.

Over a period of three years he attended lectures on Economy/International Business at the Hamburg State Business and Higher Business School with Diploma.

Early on Mr. Rossbach displayed a keen sense for the complexities of economy on a global level. His studies coupled with early practical experience foreshadowed his later successes as a self-made businessman.

In 1966 he established his first company in Hamburg dealing in international trading, import-export.

He has been a Senior Advisor to the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce for seventeen years and was active as a commercial judge in Hamburg.

He established and expanded transatlantic business relations and established several partnership firms:

In 1996 Rossbach International Trading, New York, importing European Food Products

In 2003 International Trade Consult Nord GmbH in Hamburg

In 2009 Rossbach International Florida, Miami, supplying mainly to the cruise lines.

Mr. Rossbach has been a member of the ICA International Chefs Association. In 2004 and 2008, he helped as team member organizing the International Big Apple Chapter Chefs Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany. He has also been a member of the MHA, Marine Hotel Association. He is currently serving as a consultant to Rossbach International Florida in Miami after the successful sale of this company in 2020.

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