GAMHOF Original Inductee Babe Ruth Presented with Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald J. Trump, Another Original Inductee

Posted: November 17, 2018

Baseball immortal Babe (George Herman) Ruth has been presented with the highly coveted Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“It is truly amazing to me and to all of GAMHOF’s trustees and supporters that one of our ten original inductees, Babe Ruth, has been presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House by one of our other original inductees, President Donald J. Trump,” said GAMHOF Chairman Bill Hetzler.

“We have always been proud that the best known and perhaps best performing baseball player of all time was a German-American,” said Hetzler. “The Babe was an obvious choice for the GAMHOF.”

“We salute Linda Ruth Tosetti, the Babe’s granddaughter, for her perseverance in writing five presidents seeking the Medal of Freedom for her grandfather.”

“When we inducted master builder, TV star personality and private citizen Donald Trump into the GAMHOF, we had no idea he would run for president or any other elective office,” added Mr. Hetzler

“The more than 70 million Americans of German ancestry should be proud that GAMHOF inductee Donald J. Trump presented a top White House award to another GAMHOF inductee in baseball hero Babe Ruth,” concluded Chairman Hetzler.

Both George Herman “Babe” Ruth and then-private citizen Donald J. Trump were inducted in to the German-American Hall of Fame in 2008, with the awards being presented in 2010.

The awards ceremony took place on November 16, 2018 and the video can be played on this C-SPAN page